Suttons Bay Fireworks 2011

Fireworks Aren’t Just for Kids!

Our “thank you” to our community

I know you’ve had a busy summer filled with plenty of activities, however, I hope you and your family will add one more special and local event to your calendar. I would like to invite you to be our guest to attend the annual Fireworks Display at the Suttons Bay Marina Park on Saturday, September 3rd of Labor Day Weekend. This is a very special evening for business owners who come together to sponsor an event for “locals” to say “thank you” to our community for a great summer. We are┬áproud to be one of four senior sponsors, along with Hansen Foods, Bahle’s of Suttons Bay and Bonek Insurance Agency.

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Dan A. Penning Voted Best Lawyer and Law Firm Leelanau County

Dan A. Penning

Voted Best Lawyer / Law Firm Leelanau County

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Summer’s Not Over Until Last Firework Lights Up Night Sky

“No Dad, I have to go for the team.”

When I suggested to my son, Casey, he could bypass the weekly “Team Trivia” competition he gave me a very matter-of-fact reply of “No Dad, I have to go for the team.” So off we went to the Village Inn to meet up with “Casey’s Team” for an evening of burgers and “I’ve got that one, it’s The Matrix” or “Luxembourg” as “the northern most country beginning with the letter “L” to not play in the last winter Olympics.” Luckily the Coopers were on hand to offer up “entropy” for “the science of boiling and cooling water,” and “Baltimore” as the “location of John Hopkins Medical Center and University.” Another round of high fives and beaming smiles as the points began adding up.

“Who makes up these questions?”
In the past I’ve shared comments with you that while listening to Casey I sometimes ask myself, “Who knows this stuff?” While listening to the trivia questions I kept asking myself, “Who makes up these questions?” And then I realized it didn’t matter, because teams were coming together, joining in hushed huddles to come up with their own answers. What mattered was the feeling of community with friends and neighbors in spite of the competitive atmosphere. The timing of one song between each round of questions and answers is enough time spaced out across the evening to catch up on recent events, upcoming activities, and to discover something new about friends and swap summer stories. It’s also enough time to lean back, relax and share a few laughs at our own expense.

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Revisiting “Holland”

Several weeks ago, I shared a poem written by Emily Perl Kingsley entitled, “Welcome to Holland.” (click here to read the “Holland” Reflections blog post) The poem reflects Kingsley’s experience of raising a child with a disability to help people who have not shared that unique experience to understand it and in some small way imagine how it would feel.

A recent experience

Based on the overwhelming response to my previous post and the poem, I thought it would be appropriate to share a recent experience I had with my son, Casey, who is autistic. Casey recently spent several days with me at our Suttons Bay home after the Fourth of July weekend. As often happens during the summer months, when balancing two separate homes and office locations in Farmington and Suttons Bay, my wife had returned downstate with the other two boys after the holiday for their summer job and sports camp commitments. This left Casey and me on our own. Although the summer months result in a lot of activity at my firm’s Suttons Bay office, including client meetings and work to do, Casey and I were able to take some time off together.

Casey’s “list of things to do”
One of the items that is consistently on Casey’s “list of things to do” when we are together up north is to take a day and go kayaking on one of the local rivers or lakes. Casey Penning Kayaking on the Crystal RiverOne Saturday morning, we packed our provisions for the day and headed over to the Putt and Paddle at the The River in Glen Arbor, Michigan ( and met Mike, the owner, to outfit ourselves with a kayak for the day’s trip. We chose a trip down the Crystal River and Mike and his crew took good care of us in driving us to the “drop spot” for a several-hour journey down the river.

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Blog Added to Our New Cottage Law & Cottage Succession Planning Website!

Blog Added to Our New Cottage Law & Cottage Succession Planning Website!

We’ve added a blog to our new cottage law website to post additional information about cottage succession planning, and for cottage family members to post their favorite memories of time spent at the family cottage. Please stop by and share your own favorite cottage memories!

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