Stu Hollander

Honoring the legacy of the late Stuart J. Hollander
The Suttons Bay Depot Offices of Suttons Bay Attorney Dan A. Penning

When I walked into the law offices of the late Stu Hollander I knew immediately it was where I was supposed to be. It just felt right, and I knew in that instant the importance of continuing and honoring the work that Stuart had always done for the families and the community of Suttons Bay.

Over the course of many months while working closely with Rose Hollander and Karen Schaub we have been in contact with all of the clients of Stuart Hollander’s law practice. I have had the pleasure of talking to and meeting with many during this transition. One thing is certain, Stuart Hollander was a very loved, and respected, member of the entire Leelanau community. It is an honor, and a privilege, to carry Stuart Hollander’s Cottage Law legacy forward through our law practice in Suttons Bay.

Dan A. Penning, Attorney
The Penning Group
“The Home of Cottage Law”